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What is “Shop with a Hero?”

On December 9, 2023, 9am to 3pm, “Shop With a Hero” will be partnering with Walmart to provide Christmas for “at-risk” children in our Huntsville-Madison County school systems. “Heroes” will be paired with a child and given a $100 gift card to go shopping in Walmart.

Am I a Hero?

“Heroes” are all military personnel (active and veterans), Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, MedFlight, HEMSI, Educators, Doctors, and Nurses. We need you to be a “Hero” and  invest your time in this incredible opportunity!  As a “Hero”, your presence will not only display a lot of love, but will offer hope to those in difficult situations.  Will you be a “Hero” this year for a child in need?

Can you sponsor a child?

Anyone can share in the experience of “Shop with a Hero” by sponsoring a child with a tax free donation. You can give as little or as much as you choose. Every $100 given, sponsors an “at-risk” child. What can you give to sponsor a child and provide hope for someone this Christmas season?

It just takes a small sacrifice…. it only takes a couple of hours on a Saturday morning, and who knows, you could change the life of a child.
Vanessia Steelman


To get in there and see them pick out presents, knowing at the end of the day that they were going to have a present to open at Christmas, sent chills down my spine.
Kennette Tucker

Business Owner

Be A Hero Today!